Burn Injuries: What to do following a serious burn injury in Florida

Burn injuries can be some of the most painful injuries you will ever have, and they can take weeks or even years to fully heal. They can leave behind scarring which constantly reminds you of the pain you experienced. Sometimes these burns are due to our own conduct, but what if you were burned due to someone else’s negligence? This happens all too often and knowing how to get the compensation you deserve following the injury.

How do burns typically happen?

Typically, burns happen at home and are the result of someone’s negligence. But, other times the burns occur because of chemicals, electrical issues, motor vehicles, explosions and other flammable materials which are caused by someone else’s negligence. These burns will be categorized by degree. First-degree burns are the least painful and often times only result in redness and pain. There are typically no blisters associated with a first-degree burn. Second degree burns are more severe and completely destroy the outermost layer of skin. They result in blisters and potential infections. The most painful of these by far are the third-degree burns. These burns completely destroy all the layers of skin and typically require skin grafting in order to repair. These burns also cause high risk of infection and permanent scarring.

I was burned by someone else, what can I do?

If you were burned due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to pursue a claim for your damages and pain. If you allege that someone else caused these burns, you must be able to show that the person had a duty and breached that duty to keep you safe. If for instance you were injured by a hot drink, you must first be able to show that the person who caused the injuries had a duty to keep you safe from the hot liquid. If you can establish that they did have this duty to serve you a drink which was not hot enough to burn you, you then must be able to show that the person breached that duty. You can do this by showing that even though they had a duty to protect you and not serve you a hot drink, they did so anyway. The last thing you will need to prove will be causation. Causation is where you show that the breach caused the injuries you are saying you suffered. If you can show that the hot liquid was the cause of your injuries and you would not have sustained those injuries but for the liquid being spilled on you, you have met your burden.

You are entitled to compensation for the injuries you suffered. Burns typically require extensive treatment and may even result in surgery to repair. If it needs a skin graft, it is serious. Skin grafts are performed to either restore a body to its normal function or to make the area look normal following the burn. As far as compensation for burn injuries, you may be able to receive damages related to your medical expenses, and lost wages, any income that you lost as a result and most importantly is the pain and suffering which can be extremely high due to the amount of pain associated with these types of injuries.

What should I do legally?

It is always best to get an attorney involved when it comes to burn injuries. If you are forced to file a lawsuit, it can get very complex very quickly and having an personal injury attorney on your side always makes the process easier. The attorneys will deal with the communication with the insurance company, they will gather all of the relevant evidence and they will help negotiate a settlement that benefits the client. If you or someone you know has been the victim of a burn through no fault of their own, give the Lopez Law Group a call. Our attorneys stand by ready and willing to assist. We can be reached at 727-933-0015.