1. An image of an Ikea magazine.

    IKEA Dressers: The Danger, and What You Need to Know

    You go to Ikea and you buy a new dresser. You get home, take it apart and begin putting it together. It looks so nice in the new bedroom and you are happy that you made the purchase. Little did you know, that dresser you bought can be extremely dangerous for young children. As millions of Americans …Read More

  2. What is personal injury protection (PIP) and how do you qualify?

    If you have an insurance policy here in Florida and you get into an auto accident, or even if you live with a family member who has an active insurance policy, you may qualify for benefits through what is called PIP, or personal injury protection. These benefits are referred to as no fault benefits,…Read More

  3. An image of doctors in a hospital.

    Medical Treatment Following an Auto Accident: Is it important?

    If you were involved in an auto accident through no fault of your own, you are likely experiencing pain and soreness or even worse. This pain can last days, months or even years after. If you filed a claim for your injuries, you know that in order to substantiate the claim for injuries, you need to …Read More

  4. An image of a car accident.

    How Auto Accident Settlement Negotiations Work in Florida

    It’s been months now, and you just found out that you have an offer on the table from the insurance company to try to resolve your auto accident claim. You probably have many questions. How much of that settlement do you get? What is deducted? Where does the money go? How much does my attorney get…Read More

  5. An image of a man on his cell phone.

    Dog Bites: What you need to know if you get bit in Florida.

    Were you bitten by a dog and do you have mounting medical bills from it? If so, you may be wondering where you go from here, and who can be held responsible for your injuries. Obviously, the dog himself does not have insurance, so who compensates you? That answer and more will be answered in this bl…Read More

  6. What is GAP coverage, and should you get it?

    So, let’s say you are going car shopping and found the car you want. It’s a $50,000.00 new shiny red Chevy Camaro. You take it out for a test drive, talk to the car salesman and decide to do it. You fill out all of the paperwork and they give you the keys. You are so excited to finally get your …Read More

  7. An image of a close up of a car.

    Accident Settlements: Florida Information You Should Know

    Where does the money go following an auto accident settlement?   If you or someone you know has ever been involved in an auto accident, you are probably familiar with what happens after you settle with the insurance company. If you have hired an attorney and they are able to secure a settlement…Read More