IKEA Dressers: The Danger, and What You Need to Know

You go to Ikea and you buy a new dresser. You get home, take it apart and begin putting it together. It looks so nice in the new bedroom and you are happy that you made the purchase. Little did you know, that dresser you bought can be extremely dangerous for young children. As millions of Americans are now discovering, dressers from IKEA, including the Malm dressers, have a hazard that most were unaware of before they purchased them. Approximately 17.3 million Malm dressers were sold and eventually recalled by IKEA. Read the blog to find out more about the danger, and what you should do about it!

What is wrong with the dressers?

The dressers at issue were manufactured by IKEA and were sold prior to 2016. These dressers have resulted in at least 8 deaths to minor children. The dressers were sold under the Malm line and tipped over onto the toddlers. The problem is that IKEA sold these dressers knowing that they were faulty, and as a result there were multiple lawsuits brought against them. The main contention is that IKEA should have done more to prevent this. Since 2016, IKEA has removed the Malm line of dressers from the stores and has offered increased security for dressers that are currently in circulation. IKEA did release a new line of dressers with increased security measures to make sure that the tipping hazard was removed. One of these security measures is a wall anchor which will firmly secure the dresser to the wall to prevent it from tipping over.

IKEA did respond to the multiple lawsuits brought against it by families of children who were injured or killed as a result of the dressers tipping over. IKEA contended that it was the family’s negligence which caused the deaths because they did not secure the dresser to the wall with the anchor provided. Obviously, the courts were not in agreeance with this contention.

Was IKEA sued by others because of the dressers?

IKEA has undergone a rigorous repair process when it comes to making amends. They discontinued the dressers or supplemented the current dressers with safety kits. Numerous lawsuits were brought against IKEA by the parents of those who were injured or killed as a result and IKEA has reached settlements with those families. In one case, parents of a 2-year old boy named Jozef Dudek sued IKEA when the dresser fell on him. The dresser landed on his neck and he unfortunately suffocated to death. His parents were able to reach a wrongful death settlement with IKEA for $46 Million. In a separate lawsuit, IKEA was sued by the families of three young children who were killed by the IKEA dressers as well. This suit resulted in a settlement of $50 million.

What should I do if my child was injured by an IKEA dresser?

The IKEA dressers are inherently dangerous, and if you or someone you know has a child who was injured as a result of an IKEA dresser tipping over, you should hire a personal injury attorney to file a lawsuit against the furniture giant. IKEA should be held responsible for its actions, and by producing a dresser which it knew had the potential to tip over, it was negligent and should pay for any damages it caused as a result. The attorneys at the Lopez Law Group stand ready to assist and have experience handling cases against companies such as IKEA. We can be reached at 727-933-0015. Our attorneys are standing by ready to assist. Do not let IKEA get away with negligence that they should have been aware of from the start. We are standing by ready to assist!