Medical Treatment Following an Auto Accident: Is it important?

If you were involved in an auto accident through no fault of your own, you are likely experiencing pain and soreness or even worse. This pain can last days, months or even years after. If you filed a claim for your injuries, you know that in order to substantiate the claim for injuries, you need to get a physician to give their opinion as to those injuries. This article will talk about the importance of treatment following an auto accident and the role it takes in helping you get compensated for the injuries you sustained.

Should I go to the hospital following an auto accident?

It is imperative that you get examined as soon as possible following an auto accident. The first time you should be checked out is at an emergency room. Even though you may be feeling fine after you are hit, that may be because of the adrenaline, and there could be underlying injuries that you have not yet felt. Often times, pain from the injuries you sustained does not present itself until days following the accident. The hospital will be able to give you a thorough check to make sure nothing is broken. Often times, the emergency room will do x-rays and make sure you do not have any other serious underlying injuries. If they find something life threatening, they will address it right away, otherwise, they will diagnose you and send you on your way, usually recommending that you follow up with another physician.

What about a chiropractor or orthopedic doctor? Should I see them as well?

A chiropractor is someone you may see on a weekly basis following the car accident. They will be able to treat your pain in a variety of pain and seeing them on a weekly basis will ensure that your pain slowly improves. It is important that you stick to your treatment schedule, so you obtain the maximum amount of relief. The chiropractor will be able to adjust you, provide hot/cold therapy, do electrostimulation, massage the problem areas and provide at home therapy techniques. Chiropractors play a pivotal part in your recovery process and treating with them on a regular basis is important.

Just as it is important to see your chiropractor, it is also important to see your orthopedic doctor if you are having issues with specific areas of your body such as joints and ligaments. Orthopedic doctors are typically seen in conjunction with injuries to your knees, feet, hands, elbows and shoulders. They provide treatment to problem areas and can do physical therapy as well to help your pain.

Is injection therapy necessary or needed?

If chiropractic care is helping but not completely eliminating the pain, the next step is to look into potential injection therapy. Injection therapy takes many forms, but the most common is an epidural steroid injection. These injections are don’t in the back at specific levels and are meant to diagnose your pain at those levels. They often times provide temporary relief and can show a physician where exactly your pain is coming from. The injections themselves do not relieve the pain completely, but they will show a doctor that the pain is coming from that specific level.

What about surgery? Should I consider surgery?

Surgery should always be a last resort. If your pain does not improve after injection therapy, and you are a candidate for potential surgery, you should consider it. Of course, you should always check to see how much coverage is available in a case to determine if surgery is a viable option. If there is insufficient coverage, you may have to wait to do a surgery, otherwise it will come out of your pocket. Surgery should not be taken lightly and is always a last resort. Whether it is a surgical operation to repair a herniated disc, or an operation to fully replace a disc, make sure you go into it knowing all of the advantages and disadvantages. It is important that you speak with the surgeon to determine if it is the right option for you and the chances that it will completely eliminate your constant pain.

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