Brittany Fox, Esq. is an Attorney of Lopez Law Group, a full-service law firm specializing in client-driven representation.

Hailing from the scenic Mountain State, Brittany is a native of West Virginia and grew up in a close community that emphasized cherishing both family and neighbor alike.  Her mother instilled in Brittany the ideals of community service through spending weekends volunteering together at a family resource center, a non-profit initiative her mother created and directed.  The center provides invaluable community outreach programs and even a mealtime kitchen to anyone in need of a hand, and it would prove to develop Brittany’s unwavering commitment to serving those in need.

 Brittany attended West Virginia University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Anthropology and History.  After completing her degree, she returned home and volunteered as an AmeriCorps member back in her hometown in West Virginia.  Through hearing the stories and experiences of those in need, Brittany soon realized the best way she could genuinely help others was to become a legal advocate for the people and help her fellow neighbors navigate the stressful and confusing myriad of varying litigation and legal woes.  It quickly became her desire to pursue a career serving her fellow neighbor much as her mother had throughout Brittany’s childhood.  With her mindset, Brittany’s next step was to attend law school to gain the knowledge and the resources of the legal world that would help enable her to make a difference for her community.

Brittany attended Stetson University College of Law, and in those three years, fell in love with the Tampa Bay and Saint Petersburg area.  During law school, Brittany had the opportunity to study abroad in London to better diversify her breadth of knowledge, and to complete a clerkship back in her hometown learning family law and consumer protectionism.  As she graduated from Stetson University, Brittany faced a difficult decision to make: to return to her hometown to begin her dream of legal advocacy to help others or start that representation on behalf of her new neighbors here in Saint Petersburg.  Realizing the residents of Pinellas County are often underserved and in lack of quality legal representation, ultimately Brittany chose to become licensed to practice law in Florida and begin her career serving Tampa Bay.

Brittany’s dedication to the community and her initiative to fiercely advocate for the rights of her clients is highly sought after at the Lopez Law Group.  As an associate of the firm, Brittany focuses on family law, employment, and real estate as primary areas of legal advocacy.  On her off time, Brittany enjoys running and other fitness activities with her St. Bernard mix Albus, and usually along the many beaches in the Tampa Bay area.