Mesothelioma Frequently Asked Questions

Mesothelioma is cancer which occurs in a thin layer of tissue that actually covers most of your internal organs. This deadly and aggressive form of cancer is typically incurable. Many people have questions related to mesothelioma and filing a lawsuit. This blog is meant to answer some of those questions and point you in the right direction.

Question: Should I get a lawyer if I have mesothelioma?

Answer: You don’t always need a personal injury attorney to represent you in legal matters, although, it is always recommended to have one. If you have a truck that breaks down, you don’t have to hire a mechanic, but trying to do it on your own can be overwhelming and you might do it wrong. Same thing when it comes to hiring an attorney, if you want it done right, it’s probably best to hire someone.

Question: What can I sue for?

Answer: Typically, you will sue and seek compensation for damages. These could be related to medical bills or wrongful death. Usually, you sue in the form of a personal injury case and go after the manufacturer which produced the asbestos.

Question: If I don’t know where I got asbestos exposure, can I still sue?

Answer: A simple review of your life history will likely point to a place and time where you were likely exposed to asbestos. The attorney you hire can help you determine when that would have been.

Question: How much do you have to pay an attorney to work on your mesothelioma case?

Answer: As with any personal injury case, the attorney will typically work on what is called a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorney will only get paid if they are able to settle your case and they only get a percentage of what they recover for you. Typically, it is 1/3 of the recovery.

Question: How much will I receive from my lawsuit?

Answer: It will be impossible for any attorney to tell you exactly what you will receive from a case. Every case has its own unique set of facts and that will impact the amount of compensation that you receive. It is true that some mesothelioma cases have settled for millions of dollars, but not all of them do.

Question: Will my mesothelioma case go to trial or will it settle?

Answer: Many cases settle short of trial and never see the inside of a courtroom. It is likely that the case will settle prior to trial at what is called a mediation. Many parties prefer to settle before going to court to save money and to eliminate the time needed to prepare and pay for trial.