Navigating a Personal Injury Case When Courts are Dealing with COVID

No matter how careful you may be, even during lockdowns and social distances, accidents happen. While many people are more cautious than ever due to the pandemic, limiting their exposure to others and overwhelmingly staying home, personal injuries are still occurring. Accidents are unavoidable and therefore so are personal injury cases.

COVID-19 has brought a great many changes to the way people live their lives. It has also been responsible for changes to how the courts are run. When you are dealing with a personal injury case, time is of the essence. It is important not to delay an accident or personal injury case due to the pandemic.

That may seem difficult right now when courts are running differently. However, it is possible to be compensated for the pain and suffering of your injury. COVID-19 has affected nearly every industry but it is still possible to be injured while out of your home and your injury should not be ignored.

Should I Seek Medical Care in Florida?

It may seem like a no-brainer to seek medical care if you have been injured. However, the risks of COVID-19 have some patients opting out of receiving care. The strict requirements to enter medical facilities for follow-up appointments may also discourage those affected with a personal injury to avoid their scheduled consultations.

It is important when dealing with a personal injury that you follow all recommended medical advice including not skipping any appointments. Many personal injury clients are faced with multiple therapists and doctors’ appointments following an injury. In order to maximize the value of your claim, you must follow your doctor’s recommendations to the best of your ability.

This might be challenging during the pandemic as you try to limit your exposure to the virus. However, assuming your medical provider is using strong protective measures against the virus and you yourself are willing to take precautions on your own behalf, your follow-up appointments should have your risks minimalized.

In this instance, the benefits of healing your injury properly outweigh the risks of the virus. If you are immunocompromised and absolutely cannot make it to the appointments, ask if you can have web-based appointments. Many physical and occupational therapists have telehealth options that can still help you overcome your personal injury.

If you find that medical treatment is unavailable or inconvenient due to the coronavirus precautions, other options may need to be considered. Keep track of all of your appointments and any paperwork that is given to you. If you have been given a task to work on at home, such as a strengthening exercise, be sure to follow those recommendations.

Do not allow the fear of going to the doctor to allow you to live your life in pain or cause permanent damage or death. COVID-19 can be scary, but it shouldn’t prevent you from getting the necessary medical care after an accident.

How Has COVID-19 Changed Personal Injury Law in FL?

There are a lot of legal questions forming around claims of personal injuries during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may be wondering whether you can claim worker’s compensation if you are injured while you’re working from home. It can be difficult to know whether or not you have a personal injury case in which case you should set up a consultation with a lawyer.

During your meeting, whether held in-person with precautions or you’ve opted to meet virtually, a lawyer can help you determine if your injury occurred during the scope and course of your employment. The more details you can offer up the more likely it will be to get a fair assessment of your injury and what your case may entail.

Because of COVID-19, the world and policies are continuously adapting and changing. The economy has taken a hit and this could cause some impacts on insurance settlements. It can also affect how much companies are willing to pay for personal injury claims. The best thing to do is stay on top of your care and wellness, tacking your improvements, pain level, and emotional state.

It’s possible that insurance companies may want to take advantage of cash-strapped individuals who have been hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and offer fast cash settlements. These may look attractive but may not cover all the personal expenses.

Will There Be A Delay?

Without a pandemic, there are many complexities to personal injury law, but in a time of uncertainty, the path becomes more complicated. The courts in Florida, and across the country, are running differently than they were before the pandemic.

Some jurisdictions allow for web-based court appearances where others may have far more limited hours. These courtroom protections are in place to keep COVID numbers down.

The ongoing threat from the virus coupled with the unprecedented backlog after lockdowns have led to overloaded schedules. This has created difficult paths for personal injury cases. However the court procedures may have changed, your fundamental rights have not. COVID court delays may be unavoidable but personal injury claims are still worth pursuing.

This doesn’t mean a personal injury case isn’t worth the wait, it just means that you will need to get your claim going quickly and document every step of the way. While your day in court may be delayed, you should not waste any time in seeking representation.

Courts may be limiting access in person, but claims can still be filed in a timely manner. Because regulations and phases are changing rapidly, you may be surprised by the changes courts are making in order to keep running smoothly and fairly.

Should I Wait To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer?

When it comes to personal injury, time is of the essence. The sooner you call for a consultation, the sooner you will understand whether or not you have a case worth moving forward. The Lopez Law Group is here for you and we won’t delay in helping your claim be as quick as possible.

We are experienced St. Petersburg personal injury attorneys who will help you navigate your case from start to finish. Litigation can be a confusing process and we are committed to making it as easy as possible for you.

Contact us today and we can help you outline what will be required of you and what the process will look like. Our experience with the Florida courts and their current procedures will be up to date with whatever their COVID procedures currently are based on the phases set by the state. Don’t let your personal injury go without care, and trust that Lopez Law Group can meet your needs.