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Located along the I-4 corridor, Polk County is less than 40 minutes from both Orlando and Tampa. In recent years, citrus, agriculture, and the phosphate industry have played crucial roles in the local economy, along with tourism. Polk County is also known for its wealth of heritage sites, cultural venues, and natural landscapes, making it the heart of central Florida.

Although the region is generally considered a great place to call home, there is always the chance that you will be injured. In fact, Polk County residents are more likely to be killed in a motor vehicle accident than most other Floridians. Slip and fall injuries, birth injuries, and injuries arising from medical malpractice also occur here like anywhere else, and if it happens to you, a Polk County personal injury lawyer can pursue compensation for the losses you’ve suffered as a result.

When you are trying to heal from a major accident, dealing with insurance companies and trying to understand your legal rights can be a challenge. That’s where the Lopez Law Group can help. For many years, our personal injury lawyers have been helping injured clients in Polk County and throughout Florida get the settlements they deserve. Our experienced team is ready to help you recover every penny you’re entitled to, and you owe us nothing unless we win!

Our Personal Injury Practice Areas

The Lopez Law Group has handled several personal injury cases across Polk County. As a law firm, we’ve represented people who suffered painful injuries in a slip and fall, permanent injuries in car wrecks or boating accidents, and families who lost loved ones to dangerous drivers. Below is an overview of the many cases we handle.

  • Car Accidents: Injuries sustained in car accidents can be both painful and life-altering, given the size and speed of most motor vehicles. If you’ve been injured in a crash caused by a negligent and dangerous driver, a Polk County car accident lawyer at our firm can protect your rights.
  • Bicycle Injury: Bicycling is a popular pastime across Florida but, unfortunately, the streets and roads can still be dangerous to riders. There are still hundreds of reported bicycle accidents around Polk County every year. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, you can focus on your recovery while putting yourself in the best position to win your case.
  • Birth Injuries: Did you or your child suffer an injury during your pregnancy, delivery, or afterward? Has your newborn been injured as a result of negligence or carelessness by a medical professional? For immediate legal assistance, contact the experienced Florida birth injury lawyers at the Lopez Law Group. 
  • Boating Accidents: A boat ride is a terrific way to spend a sunny afternoon. Unfortunately, a pleasant experience can be ruined by inexperienced or intoxicated boat operators. If you’ve been injured while on the water because someone wasn’t being careful, you may be entitled to financial compensation.
  • Nursing Home Abuse: This type of abuse occurs whenever a nursing home resident suffers physical, emotional, or financial harm. If an elderly loved one has been injured, our personal injury attorneys will fight to hold the nursing home accountable for the harm they caused. 
  • Slip and Fall Injuries: Slips and falls are one of the leading causes of unintended injuries. If you fell on someone else’s property and it could have been avoided if the property owner paid more attention to safety, we can help you seek monetary compensation. 
  • Trucking Accidents: The sheer size and weight of commercial trucks often result in catastrophic damage and injuries when they are involved in accidents. If you or a loved one have suffered injuries in a truck accident due to someone else’s recklessness, you have rights that our firm can help you protect.

Additionally, the Lopez Law Group handles cases involving product liability, insurance bad faith, and workers’ compensation. For more information about the types of cases we handle in Polk County, contact us.

Damages You Can Claim in a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Polk County

Personal injury claims in Polk County, FL are allowed to seek both economic and non-economic damages. Examples of economic damages, which are quantifiable losses, include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Projected future medical costs
  • Rehabilitative treatments
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity 
  • Property damage
  • Punitive damages

You may be able to recover non-economic damages if you are in severe pain or disabled after the accident. They include:

  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of  life
  • Loss of consortium 

By resolving your claim on your behalf, the Lopez Law Group relieves you of the stress of dealing with insurance companies and other entities so that you can focus on recovery.

Why Hire the Lopez Law Group?

Our clients come to us when they are going through some of the most trying and challenging times in their lives. We understand and give your case the attention it needs to get the results you deserve.

We start with a comprehensive evaluation that determines whether you have a case. Then, we dedicate a great deal of time and resources to investigating and preparing your claim, keeping you informed the entire time. We provide seasoned legal counsel throughout the process until your case concludes.

Whether your case is settled in or out of court, we effectively prepare for a positive outcome. We are experienced Polk County personal injury attorneys who fight to ensure you receive the compensation and security to which you are entitled.

Talk to a Polk County Personal Injury Lawyer Now

You may find the days and weeks following an accident to be among the most stressful in your life. As you recover, you may be confronted with ongoing treatments and physical pain, not to mention the loss of work and wages while your medical bills pile up. Your relationships and quality of life may suffer as a result.

Please know that we understand your situation and that we are on your side. The Polk County personal injury attorneys at the Lopez Law Group treat clients like family. We’ll handle your case with the care and attention it deserves. Let us take care of everything for you so you can focus on your recovery. To schedule a consultation, call 727-933-0015 or use our online form.

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A Godsend

Mr. Lopez was a Godsend and really helped me with my situation. Him and the entire firm were very diligent and helped speed the early stages of the process along due to a pressing situation. Throughout my experience working with the firm, they were always responsive and available any time I had a question or wanted to check on the state of affairs. Hopefully I won’t have to recommend Lopez Law Group to my friends or family, but if those unfortunate circumstances arise then there’s only one name I would trust. Thank you again for all your help!

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Amazing Amazing Amazing!”

I called multiple attorneys to resolve my issue and none had much experience as much as this form. Anthony was amazing and made sure that as his client I was satisfied and understanding with his work. Very helpful and very patient and I was able to communicate with ease. I will definitely recommend this firm if you have a landlord/tenant issue or just an amazing attorney who listens to his clients needs.

Ashley Rondon


Thank you Geoff Pfeiffer, for your assistance when my HOA pushed back on my installation of the Solar Panels on my home. Your succinct and eloquent statements of my rights to them turned a “solar panels are not allowed on the front side of the roof, to a 100% approval with no changes needed. Thank you for helping me quickly resolved what was gearing up to be a fight with the HOA.

Zulma Cintron Smalls, EdD

“I Will Never Use Another Lawyer”

We couldn’t be more satisfied with Sean’s work and are so grateful we chose him to represent us. He works so diligently and tenaciously to get results, and somehow manages to combine being a consummate professional yet friendly and approachable. I was honestly terrified of receiving the final bill considering the hours upon hours he invested in our case (texts, calls, emails, meetings, etc.) after hearing nightmare lawyer stories from other people, but when I did I was shocked at how little he charged us. I never thought I’d say I wanted to pay somebody more than they charged, yet this time I did. I will never use another lawyer; we will use Sean for any and all representation we will ever need, and I urge others to do the same. Thank you, Sean!

Loki Dobbs


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