What Are the Different Types of Slip and Fall Accidents in Florida?

different types of slip and fall accidents in florida

Slip and fall accidents are some of the most common accidents to occur in public locations, at businesses, and even at home. Many slip and fall accidents can be avoided if the right safety protocols are in place and if your staff or you and your family are taking the right precautions you should be able to avoid these accidents.

Slip and falls can lead to serious injury, even death, and this is why they should be avoided at all costs. Even tripping over something can lead to broken limbs or to serious cuts and abrasions. Trips and falls can sometimes be the fault of other people or businesses that have not taken security precautions. This kind of accident is the kind that will require that you get the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer.

If you are ready to learn more about the types of slip and fall accidents in Florida, you need to read on!

Common Types of Slip & Fall Accidents in Florida

There are some common slip and fall accidents that can take place in any business location or public place. Many businesses have to take care to be sure that walkways and other places that experience high levels of foot traffic will not lead to these kinds of accidents. Food production businesses and industrial locations also have to be sure that standing water and other kinds of hazards do not lead to accidents that could have been prevented.

Slippery Floors

This is one of the most common causes of slips and falls. Water can get into buildings from outdoors due to problems with drainage or leaking roofs. Industrial processes, as well as chemical use, can also lead to standing water in some locations as well. Any slick or wet surface can lead to accidents that could have been avoided if the ground was kept dry and free of substances that could lead to injury.

These kinds of risks are often related to improper care of workspaces or poor drainage that can lead to flooding of some workspaces. In public locations, water runoff from fountains or a lack of drainage near pathways can lead to this kind of accident.

various types of slip and fall accidents in florida

Hallways With Clutter

If you are not being meticulous about picking up after yourself or if your business is storing items in places that are intended to be walkways or pathways, this can lead to slips and falls. Clutter can be small and lead to slippery footing underfoot. Boxes and other kinds of stacked items can also cause falls if they get in the way or fall onto someone passing by.

Clutter can be a huge problem in any kind of location that experiences foot traffic, and clutter should be avoided at all costs.

Stairs and Ramps in Poor Repair

If you have walkways that include stairs and ramps, you need to keep these in good condition to prevent accidents. Broken handrails, loose treads on stairs, and other broken parts of these walkways can lead to significant harm if neglected. You will need to keep the stairs and the ramps in your business location free of broken parts and hazardous ill repair. Falls on stairs and other pathways can lead to very serious accidents and you will need to avoid these accidents.

Carpet with Lumps and Surfaces That are Uneven

If you have walking surfaces that are carpeted, or paved, or have a different product on them than the surrounding areas that connect to them, you will need to be sure that these surfaces are kept in good repair. Lumps and wrinkles in the carpet can lead to trips and falls and tiles can become loose underfoot. No matter what kind of surface you are maintaining, you need to be sure that you are taking the proper care of it so that no one gets hurt in a slip or fall.

Poor Lighting

If you have hallways or stairways that are not well lit, you can cause problems that lead to slips and falls. Poor lighting can be the source of many falls and accidents of other kinds. You need to be sure that you are not creating risky situations by neglecting the lighting in all locations of your property.

Ladders or Scaffolding

Ladders and scaffolds can be necessary for your job duties in many professions or business types. You will need to be sure that you take care of these items so that they do not fail those who are using them. Safe ladders and scaffolds are essential to the safe operation of your business and employee and passerby safety. Sometimes ladders and scaffolds do not hurt employees but instead hurt those who are walking near them. This can be avoided with good maintenance processes.

How Slip & Fall Accidents Can Occur

Slip and fall accidents often take place when companies fail to repair flooring surfaces. Stairs and handrails should be fixed as soon as it is realized that they are loose. Scaffolds and ladders need to be kept in good repair and lighting needs to be replaced if it has started to dim or has gone out altogether.

Avoiding care for these kinds of items is usually why slips and falls occur. Neglect of your business property and location can lead to all kinds of accidents and it can also make your property look messy and less professional. There are more reasons that you should keep your property in good repair than reasons that you should avoid providing the care that is needed for your business.

Slips and falls are very common but they are almost always easy to avoid. Neglect and poor workmanship when applying fixes can lead to all kinds of accidents over the long term. What seems like money savings on an expensive repair at the time can actually lead to many more significant issues as well as costs in the future.

Businesses are required by law to create and maintain a safe working space for employees as well as safe places for those who come to visit business locations. Businesses that neglect these necessary repairs and processes will experience many more issues than those that do take care of these necessary processes to maintain their business location and its safety.

different kinds of slip and fall accidents in florida

Rights for Florida Victims of Slip & Fall Accidents

Victims of slip & fall accidents need to be sure that they do not take the wrong steps after they have been injured in a slip and fall accident. There are some rights that victims need to be aware of before they start attending to the details of their slip and fall cases. Getting the help of a skilled personal injury lawyer can help you to get the compensation that you deserve related to your accident.

There are some essential steps that you should take to protect yourself from future problems when seeking compensation for your accident. You will need to get medical attention and you should report the fall to business management. You will need to contact the police in some cases. Take pictures of the accident scene if you can. You will want to get the names and numbers of those who witnessed the accident.

You will have the right to sue the business for your accident, or you might be able to bring suit against those who might have caused the accident to happen at the location. If you do not make sure to collect evidence and document the condition of the scene of the accident as well as gather witness information for testimony, you might not be able to secure the compensation that you deserve.

Victims of slip and falls who are at work when the accident occurred are protected by Worker’s Compensation for some of the costs related to their accident, but there might be additional damages that they will want to seek compensation for. OSHA and other safety rules can sometimes be neglected at places of business, particularly manufacturing locations.

When safe practice rules are neglected, workers will usually need to seek the help of a skilled personal injury attorney for help getting the compensation that they deserve for their accident. There is no exchange for having the skill of a lawyer on your side when you have been hurt at work and engaging a lawyer is usually the best way to make sure that you get the help that you need to be compensated for your injuries.

Things That Have to be Proven in a Slip and Fall

Property Owner Liability

The property owner has a duty of care to take care of their property for the safety of everyone who visits it as well as those who live or work there. This means that they can be found to be in violation of this duty of care if they have not been providing the right upkeep that is needed. You will usually have to prove that the property owner is the person who was liable for the accident. Your lawyer will have to make sure that there is an indication of the liability falling onto the property owner’s shoulders.

Causation and Damages

This is proof that the condition that was present at the time of the accident was why you had your slip and fall. Your injury has to be tied to the condition of the location at the time of the accident. This means that you cannot just guess that you fell related to the condition of the floor or the location. You will need to be able to prove that the conditions as they were that day caused the accident. This is why taking pictures and getting witness information is so important.

Both of these items need to be considered and proven before our case can be heard by a judge or before a settlement can be sought related to your accident. Your lawyer will look at all of the aspects of the situation to be sure that there is causation as well as the liability of the property owner in the case. This is how you will prove your case and your lawyer will make sure that both of these factors were present on the day of your accident.

Common Locations for Slip and Fall Accidents

There are some very common locations outside of work that seem to be associated with slip and falls.

  •         Grocery stores
  •         Curbs and sidewalks
  •         Shopping malls
  •         Restrooms
  •         Construction areas that are not job sites
  •         Moving sidewalks
  •         Escalators
  •         Nightclubs
  •         Swimming pools
  •         Areas near fountains
  •         Bars
  •         Restaurants

This is not an exhaustive list but you will find that these are the most common offenders for these kinds of slips and falls. These kinds of businesses need to be careful about caring for their property since there is a higher likelihood that people will be injured in these locations.

Locations where people are served alcohol can be at higher risk than other places and bars and swimming pools top the list of places where slips and falls occur frequently.

Working With a Skilled Florida Lawyer Matters After Your Slip and Fall Accident

different types of florida slip and fall accidents

You will want to be sure that you work with a skilled lawyer after a slip and fall accident. They will collect the data that is needed to make sure that you can prove your case with success. You will need to have the support of someone who knows how to try these kinds of cases if you want to seek compensation for your accident. Always be sure that you secure a lawyer as soon as you believe that your accident was related to incorrect care of the property where it happened or improper business management.

Skilled lawyers can help you to make sure that you get the compensation that you are owed and that you do not accept less than the settlement that you deserve. If you are not working with a skilled personal injury lawyer after your accident, you could end up losing out on compensation that you deserve that could help you get your life back on track after your accident.