Uber Accidents: Are they different from normal car accidents?

We rely on Ubers nowadays for so much. They take us home when we have had too much to drink, they take us to and from the airport, and they drive us around when we just don’t feel like driving. We trust that these drivers are experienced enough to avoid other vehicles, but sometimes accidents happen. What should you do following an Uber accident? Is it really any different than a regular accident? This blog will explain what to do following an Uber accident and the steps you should take.

Is being in an accident as an Uber passenger any different?

Technically no. If you were a passenger in an Uber and there was an accident, the same rules apply as if you were injured in any other car accident. The one difference will be policy limits available. Typically, Uber carries $1 Million in policy limits. So, if you were to pursue a claim against the driver of the Uber, there would be a policy through Uber which would be available. Otherwise, you should follow the same protocol as any other auto accident. If the uber driver was at fault for the accident, you will have a claim against him and any insurance policy that was covering him at the time of the accident, including the Uber policy. If the Uber driver was not at fault, you would typically make a claim against the at fault party, or other driver, and pursue them for your damages. As with any other accident, you want to call the police and get it documented. You will want to take photographs and seek treatment if you feel as though you are injured.

Would I be suing Uber or the driver?

You would be going after both the driver of the vehicle you were in, if they were at fault, as well as the insurance policies that cover them. Typically, a person’s own auto insurance policy will not cover them if they were driving for a rideshare service. In that case, the policy provided by Uber will step in and that is the policy you will be pursing. If the Uber driver was not at fault, you would be suing the at fault driver of the other vehicle if they have insurance coverage.

Should you hire an attorney if you were involved in an accident in an Uber?

If you were involved in an accident while a passenger in an Uber, you may need an attorney to step in and assist you moving forward. An experienced accident attorney will be able to assist you with the legal process. While there is really no difference between being in an accident in an Uber and being in an accident in a regular vehicle, you still want a car accident attorney by your side who knows the ins and outs of an auto accident claim. We can be reached at 727-933-0015 and are standing by ready to assist. The longer you wait to hire an attorney after an accident, the worse it could potentially be to any case you may have had. Don’t wait, call today!