What Happens to Your Brain in a Car Accident Florida?

what occurs to your brain in a florida car accident

Car accidents can be mild or they can lead to significant injuries. Even single-car accidents can lead to serious injury under the right circumstances. Many people do not realize that they have sustained a head injury after a car accident because not every head injury can lead to easily detected symptoms.

Most doctors will tell you to get examined by a doctor and evaluated for a brain injury after a car accident, even if you think that you are fine. Undetected traumatic brain injuries can lead to lifelong health concerns or even death if they are not treated.

If you are wondering what happens to your brain in a car accident in Florida, and when you should contact a lawyer, read on for more information.

What Happens to Your Brain in a Florida Car Accident?

There are many reasons that your brain might be injured after a car accident. Most brain injuries are caused by shaking or sudden sharp movements that tear brain tissue during the accident. This means that you could have a traumatic brain injury just from your head coming forward in front of your shoulder abruptly due to a rear impact.

There are various kinds of symptoms and conditions that can result from the vibration and shaking or striking that occurs during a car accident.

1. Concussion

This is the most common kind of brain injury and it happens when your brain is jostled hard or you hit your head against the side of the car door or the steering wheel in many cases. This head injury can lead to brain bruising or bleeds in significant wrecks. You might feel nauseous, dizzy, have trouble seeing, be forgetful, vomit, pass out, or go blind briefly as a result of a concussion.

Even mild concussions require medical assessment and treatment, and you should not ignore any of the symptoms of this head injury if you are experiencing them after a car accident.

2. Contusion

Contusions are bruises and your brain can be bruised just like your arm or your leg or any other part of your body. If you bruise your brain, it might swell, which can lead to significant risks and even death. Brain bruises can take a long time to heal and you might find that your memory or your balance or your vision are affected by the brain bruise for a while after the accident.

Brain bruises require careful treatment and support from a doctor to make sure that you follow the right protocol after your accident to allow your brain to heal.

3. Coup-Contrecoup

This kind of traumatic brain injury happens when there are contusions on both sides of the brain. This is common in an accident where a person’s head is hit on both sides during the accident. This can cause all kinds of problems from loss of speech to loss of hearing and sight, to confusion and long-term memory loss.

This is an injury that can take a very long time to heal, and some patients never heal fully from this kind of injury. Many patients have to relearn how to take care of themselves, talk, or walk if the injury is very significant.

brain injuries from car accidents in florida

4. Diffuse Axonal

This injury happens if the head is rotated much farther than it should be. A concussion is considered a much milder version of this same injury, but in a diffuse axonal, the tearing can occur in the brain and the structures that support it. This injury can also be accompanied by whiplash.

This kind of head injury can require surgery to deal with brain swelling and prevent further damage to the brain. In many cases, a person with this injury will have to be on supportive medications to help the brain to heal and they will almost always have to stay in the hospital for a time to be monitored.

5. Penetration Injury

This kind of injury is made pretty clear by the name. Sometimes debris in the car, or parts of the cars involved in your accident might penetrate the skull of a passenger, or you might be the victim of this injury. The final outcome of this kind of injury is variable based on the level of trauma that accompanies the injury, the size of the object that has penetrated the brain, and the part of the brain that has been damaged.

This is always a very significant injury that requires surgery and supportive care as well as physical therapy.

effects on the brain from florida car accidents

Traumatic Brain Injuries Should Always be Taken Seriously

If you have any symptoms of a concussion or you have been injured by striking your head in some way, you should go to the hospital immediately to be evaluated after your car accident. The more severe of the brain injuries on this list will almost always result in a trip to the hospital in an ambulance as they will be immediately obvious to first responders.

Just because you do not have a large wound on your head, or you do not remember striking your face against something in the car, does not mean that you do not need to see a doctor. Many people die each year due to undetected brain bleeds or brain swelling that could have been attended to right away in an ER.

What to Do if You Have Suffered a Brain Injury in a Car Accident in Florida

brain affected by fl car accident

If you have suffered a brain injury related to a car accident, you might be entitled to compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, and time off work. You will need to work with a skilled Florida accident lawyer to make sure that your case is given the attention that it deserves to seek the compensation that is correct for your injuries.

Contact us today and come in for a consultation. We will make sure that your case is attended to with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our attorneys take pride in caring for our personal injury clients after they have been in a car accident.