The right legal counsel can help your business in many ways. We consistently strive to educate clients on the best legal business practices for their situation. From simple advice to court representation, Lopez Law Group can take your business to the next level. Here are a few circumstances in which you need to hire a Business Lawyer:

You’re drafting a contract and going through negotiations.

Negotiating a contract isn’t always an easy process. You want the best representation at your side to look over everything. Our firm brings years of experience to the table and will gladly help you develop confidence in your contract.

You’re dealing with an intellectual property issue.

Intellectual Property is the core of any business. Without it, you may not have a product or service. It’s critical to guard your brand at a young stage before someone steals your IP. We can help you look over any documentation and safeguard your business.

You need to make sure you follow tax law correctly.

Taxes can be one of the key reasons a savvy business owner hires an expert. That’s because, when handled incorrectly, they can affect your time and money. Our team can clear up any confusion and help validate your paperwork.

You’re dealing with complaints or lawsuits.

Not every customer can be satisfied, but if you are dealing with complaints or litigious individuals, it’s best to get some coverage. Our firm can assist with protecting your rights and safeguarding your business reputation.

You need to sell your company.

If you’re selling a business, it can be a convoluted legal process. The sale should be structured in a way that plays to your best interest. Some people prefer an asset sale while others prefer stock sales. Deciding between the two can involve taxes, expenses, and time. You need expert counsel to guide you on the difference so you can make the most informed decision about your business.

We specialize in Business Law because we want to help you be successful. Contact us for a consultation today!