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There are various kinds of deeds that you might need to have written when you own or manage property in Florida. You might also have assets that you need to protect your interests in which require that a deed be written to support this action. These documents need to be correctly crafted to protect your interests and to ensure that you are able to prove that you have the right to take the actions necessary to care for, sell, or affirm a right to an asset.

When you work with Lopez Law, you will get access to the skilled deed preparation services that you have been looking for. We have years of experience in this legal document creation process and can be trusted to take care of your deed preparation needs in Florida with ease. You will also be able to get advice about the kinds of deeds that will suit your needs best as you manage your assets and other deed-protected processes.

If you need personal or commercial deeds to be written up to protect and govern the actions taken on your real property or with regard to your assets, you need to work with a skilled and experienced Florida property deed preparation lawyers.

Deed Writing and Preparation Services in Florida

Florida Property Deed Preparation Attorneys There are some basic types of deeds that you might need to have drawn up if you have property or assets that you need legal protection for. These are the most common services that the team at Lopez Law is asked to perform for those in Florida who have property or assets that require deeds to be drawn up. The experienced and skilled lawyers at Lopez Law will work with you to find out what kind of legal protection you need to put in place for your unique situation and help you to draft the right deed and other accompanying documentation for your specific situation.

These kinds of deeds often go hand in hand with estate planning, and we can also offer support for these essential legal services as well. You should never be forced to leave your loved ones with an estate that will have to pass through probate or with the uncertainty that accompanies a lack of legal documentation to protect their rights to your assets upon your death. Making sure that the right deeds and other legal documents are in place to protect your real property is critical for so many reasons. We can help you to craft all of the right deeds and other legal documents that are needed to ensure that your loved ones will not struggle with financial security or other problems when you pass away.

If you are named in a deed and are not sure what this will mean for you, we can also help advise you about what this document will mean for you. You might need to be prepared for some changes to your own situation related to the language of the deed, and you will want to be able to speak with the person who is creating this document if you are not sure that you can undertake the responsibilities laid out in it. There are many reasons that deed documents can be a burden on people who were not aware that they would be named in this capacity. We can help you to figure out what a deed that has been prepared with you as the recipient will mean.

Quit Claim Deed

Quit claims are legal documents that transfer all of the ownership of a real property from one person to another. You cannot transfer the full ownership if you do not possess the full ownership, but you can transfer your part to another person if you wish. There are no warranties of the title associated with this transfer either.

These are documents that are used when parties know one another and are in agreement about the action that is going to be taken. This might be an adult child that wants to take over ownership of a real property with your permission or a family member that is transferring a property into your care. These are some of the most basic and commonly drafted deeds in the state of Florida, and we have years of experience in writing them.

Personal Representative’s Deed

Florida Property Deed Preparation Attorneys This deed is used to make sure that an estate does not go through probate. The court assigns a personal representative who is the individual who is tasked with addressing outstanding issues related to the estate. This person is also required to distribute the remaining assets according to the guidance of the will or other legal documentation that has been put in place before someone’s death. This deed is also used to transfer title from the deceased owner to the personal representative with the intention of settling the estate.

General Warranty Deed

This deed is written up to transfer the ownership of real estate assets with the full warranty of the title included. The current owner promises that they have a good and valid title to the property and that it is free of encumbrances when this transfer is made. This is most commonly used for full ownership of a property that needs to be passed to someone else or is being handed over due to a sale. While this is still most commonly used when parties know one another, it is the easiest way to transfer full ownership of a property with the guarantee that the property is free and clear of any legal entanglements.

Special Warranty Deed

When you use a special warranty deed for a transfer of ownership, it promises that the grantor will turn over the property in the condition that it was received in. There will be no damage or defect to the property during the time that the grantor owned it. This does not make a promise about what occurred on the property before the grantor received ownership of it, and it does not include improvements in the stated value of the transfer either.

Life Estate Deed

When you need to make sure that you or someone else retains an interest in a real property asset for life, you need to use this kind of deed. A life estate deed will allow a property to pass after death to the named remaindermen. This also makes sure that the property does not go through probate, which can save time and which also makes sure that the right party ends up with the real property without having to deal with disputes in court. The remainderman or remaindermen inherit the property upon the death of the grantor when this kind of deed is in place.

This can be one of the most critical kinds of deeds to draft since the probate process can be time-consuming and can also open up property assets to being given to someone other than the person that you intended to take possession of them. All estate planning seeks to avoid the probate process, and when you need to be sure that specific property items are handed off to specific people, this is the right way to ensure that this action will take place. This is the kind of deed that you might put in place for a family home or a business location and property that needs to remain with your family for their security and financial well-being after you are gone.

Enhanced Life Estate Deed

Florida Property Deed Preparation Attorneys Also known as a Lady Bird Deed, this kind of deed is meant to make sure that the grantor will keep control of a property during their lifetime. This also protected against mortgage of the property without approval of the remainderman or remaindermen. The property will then transfer immediately to the state recipient upon the death of the grantor. This is a great option if the person that is going to receive ownership of the property upon your death already lives on the property and has an interest in its management and care.

While the person that is named in your Lady Bird Deed cannot sell the property while you are still alive, they can make changes to it, improve it, and use it as they wish. This arrangement is often used when an elderly person has a live-in caregiver who is also family and who needs to be in charge of the daily needs related to the property and its care. You might also want to put this agreement in place for a spouse or someone else who would not otherwise legally be entitled to ownership of the property if probate was enforced upon your death.

While unique, this kind of deed can be a really great benefit to both parties, and it can greatly improve the chances that you will protect your property from ending up in the wrong hands upon your death. There are various reasons why this deed might not be useful in your situation, but the team at Lopez Law can write up this important document with ease if it does apply to your unique situation.

Commercial Property Deeds

These deeds are more complex to write and can be more specific to the kind of business or the kind of commercial function that the property is used for. You will want to be sure to seek expert legal support for these deeds when they need to be drafted. Reaching out to us at Lopez Law is the right first step when you believe that you need to have a commercial deed drawn up. We can work with you to figure out which deed style is right for your needs, and we are also happy to help verify that estate planning and other considerations are in place for this property or asset.

When your family depends on a business or a commercial location for their livelihood, you need to be sure that you have taken care of the deeding process to ensure that they will be able to access the benefits and proceeds when you are gone. There are other reasons that you might need to create a commercial deed as well related to sales or partial shareholder transitions and more. You can trust us to have years of experience with this kind of deed writing process and to take care of your commercial deed drafting with skill and attention to detail.

Florida Real Estate Deed Expertise

Florida Property Deed Preparation Attorneys At Lopez law, we have years of shared legal expertise in the deed writing space that we can offer to our clients. You can count on us for correctly drafted and properly considered deeds that will make sure that your property does not end up going through probate and that it is delivered into the right hands upon your death. We can also help with the various matters related to the management of a property that might require a deed to be put in place during your lifetime.

The team at Lopez Law is familiar with the rules and regulations of real estate ownership and management, and we can offer expert guidance when it comes to these kinds of matters. It is always better not to go it alone when it comes to real estate law, and we ensure that you are not guessing about which documents to put in place for legal matters related to any property that you might own. When you have been named in one of these deeds, we can also help to explain to you what this document will mean for you or what the deed will mean when the other party involved passes away.

Our St. Petersburg real estate attorneys are a skilled and reliable team that can be trusted to tackle any deed writing that must be done for our clients with attention to detail and care that all of the right considerations are put in place. You need to contact us today if you have a real property that needs to be protected with a deed. We will schedule a consultation and determine which kind of deed you require and help you to get this important legal document drafted right away.

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