Probate is the court process by which estates get settled. It can be lengthy and filled with complex legalities. Probate involves everything from deeds to disclaimers, sales agreements, and settlements. The truth is, most people are in no position to take this all in at once and they need help. There are many reasons why families choose to hire a probate lawyer

The estate includes a business (or another complex asset).

When the estate includes a business, it can change the entire legal process. The business will need to be appraised, managed, or sold depending on the wishes of the deceased. This can also apply to other large assets, like homes and cars. It’s best to have representation before making any decisions on big-figure items.

There are disputes among relatives.

This is never an easy situation and can often be quite draining. When relatives are upset, a will can be contested, and lawsuits filed. Having a probate lawyer on hand can help you avoid court costs and other legal situations. More importantly, a lawyer can help mitigate a conflict and preserve family harmony.

The estate owes state or federal estate taxes.

Taxes owed on an estate can be a complicated circumstance and it’s critical you know what you are doing. Since tax laws can vary by state, consider us the experts for Florida. You should never attempt estate tax returns without the help of a professional. It could end up costing you a lot.

The estate doesn’t have the capacity to handle its debts.

If you have to pay off creditors, let us guide the process. Florida has laws on certain creditors that have priority. You may pay the wrong creditors and complicate your situation. Our experience will ensure you pay the right ones first.

Our firm brings clarity, efficiency, and peace of mind to the process. We’re on a mission to make life easier as you honor your loved one’s wishes. Contact us today to learn more.