Disputes between landlords and tenants can come from a variety of situations.

No matter your position, being informed of your rights can help save time and money. When it comes to protecting your best interests, you need an ally who is knowledgeable and decisive.

At the Lopez Law Group, we’ve dedicated ourselves to standing up for Florida landlords and tenants. We have the skills and expertise to help you reach a beneficial settlement, and if litigation is necessary, we’ll intelligently and aggressively fight for your rights.

If you are a landlord, we can assist with:

Rent Increases

Raising the rent is not something a landlord can do without following the proper procedure. You must be compliant with the specific rules and regulations of the State of Florida. We can help you work through the proper procedures to make sure all rent rules are followed.

Security Deposits

If you do not intend to impose a claim on the security deposit, the landlord must return the deposit within 15 days. Written notice must be given if you plan to keep a portion or all of the security deposit. Prior to doing so, seeking legal counsel is recommended to ensure the legality of paperwork.

Eviction Notices 

If you need to evict a tenant, it can be a risky business. You must have valid reasons for eviction. We can assist with the necessary notice requirements involved, any court filings, and the unlawful detainer process.

If You Are A Tenant, We Can Assist:

When a landlord fails to meet the obligations set forth in a lease, a renter has certain rights. Lopez Law Group can help advise you on how to notify the landlord and the next steps to take. If termination is necessary, we’ll guide you through the process.

These laws are finely crafted to help define the legal relationship that exists between a landlord and a tenant. Understanding the laws is an essential part of ensuring no entity is violating anyone else’s rights. This also applies to disclosure laws.


In most cases, owners/landlords are required to disclose certain specifications about the property prior to renting. Asbestos, lead paint, and radioactive materials are illegal across the country. However, certain states have more specific laws when it comes to disclosure. That’s why it’s important to have an expert, our tenant lawyers, in your corner to ensure you aren’t breaking any rules.

When you need legal counsel and someone in your corner, turn to the Lopez Law Group in St. Petersburg. Contact us for a consultation today.