Since the inception of our firm, the attorneys in our practice have striven to evolve with the changing commercial real estate market in Florida.

The Lopez Law Group proudly takes on a diverse array of commercial real estate litigation and transactions. Our mission is to make the deal happen as quickly and carefully as possible.

Performing a real estate transaction without the support or advice of an attorney can be a risky proposition. That’s why we are always open to serve St. Petersburg and all Florida residents, including investors, general contractors, homeowner associations, lenders, and developers. We put our clients at the forefront of everything we do in commercial real estate, such as:

  • Contract disputes
  • Boundary disputes
  • Title disputes
  • Landlord-tenant disputes
  • Construction litigation
  • Water rights transfers and acquisitions
  • Contract reviews for buyers and sellers
  • Land use and zoning
  • Evictions
  • Services for HOAs and BOAArchitecture, Building, Driveway, Garage, Home, House

Common Real Estate Practice Areas

We can represent clients throughout the entire state of Florida. We can give advice to both buyers and sellers and make sure that the transaction is as smooth as possible. We can also help with real estate closings. In addition to assisting generally with the buying and selling process we offer the following services:

Title Insurance– buy getting an attorney involved in your title insurance, you get many benefits. We can do a title check for you and if there are any problems with the title, our attorneys have the tools available to remedy the situation and help ensure that there is a clear title. If you go to a traditional title office, they will be able to tell you if there is an issue with the title, but you would probably have to get an attorney involved anyways to make sure that the title issue is handled. Having to get an attorney involved at that point could result in a significant delay. If you get an attorney involved on the front end, they will likely be able to discover the title defect and get it taken care of long before the actual closing date.

Assistance with Lending and Secured Transactions– Our office is able to assist with and lenders which are secured. We are able to do due diligence and secure the loan. We can also help obtain a title insurance policy which has very limited exceptions. Our attorneys can sit down and explain the transaction details to the borrower and the lender. Our office has a great attention to detail, and we take the time necessary to go over the finer details of each transaction to ensure nothing is missed.

Developer Issues– If you are a developer of real estate and need assistance with sale agreements or purchase agreements we are here to assist. If you are having any issues with escrow or need assistance in drafting documents related to a condominium or HOA, we can also assist in that area. Any other HOA or similar community issues that you may have we can step in and make the process as easy as possible.

Real Estate Contracts– Our attorneys are able to assist with all matters related to a real estate transaction. We have attorneys who skilled in real estate who understand the process and can help you with any legal issues which may arise. We would be able to negotiate the contract with you and go over any positives or negatives that are contained in the real estate contract. We can assist with the drafting of real estate contracts and can answer many of the common questions which arise throughout that process. You may have many of the following questions:

  1. What sort of down payment is required?
  2. What sort of loan should you secure?
  3. What is earnest money?
  4. What is the importance of an inspection?
  5. How does an appraisal work?
  6. What happens if an appraisal is lower than the purchase price?
  7. Can you require the seller to make concessions?
  8. What is a disclosure?

And many more!

Creating Lease Agreements

Are you a landlord who has tenants? Often times landlords fail to include all of the necessary language in a lease agreement and this can hurt them in the long run. When a landlord grants someone a lease on a specific property, the landlord is giving that tenant certain rights. The lease agreement should be very clear on what is required of the tenant and which duties fall to the tenant and which ones fall to the landlord. Important details such as who will be responsible for damage, who pays the taxes, what are the insurance requirements and who maintains the building in general are all important. Our attorneys can assist in the creation of a lease agreement or can look over an agreement that the landlord has drafted to ensure that it is adequate and covers all of the necessary components.


Dealing with a property which has been foreclosed on can be quite the process. If you are an investor and are considering investing in a run-down property, you want to make sure you run certain checks on that property. Here at the Lopez Law Group, we can help you figure out the mortgage situation and can even run a title search on the subject property to see what issues may exist. The process would need to be sped up if the property is up for auction, and often times investors need these questions answered quickly. We are able to step in and get these checks done as soon as possible.


If you have a tenant and need them evicted, Florida requires that you do it the right way. It is extremely important that you give the correct notice and do not resort to self-help to remove a tenant. We can assist with the drafting of the eviction documents and can stand with you throughout the eviction process to ensure the tenants are ousted from your property correctly.

Zoning and Land UseHill, Blue Sky, Clouds, Sky, Blue, Nature, Green

One of the major reasons why people require a commercial real estate attorney is because they need assistance in understanding the zoning and land use laws that apply to them. Local and state legislation determine how these regulations are enforced and how the property is taxed. Zoning laws can actually dictate how
you use your commercial property in general (ex. retail or food stores). If you infringe on these regulations, your entire business could be shut down.

As active members of our Florida community, we are uniquely equipped to address the commercial real estate litigation issues that you may run into. Our comprehensive real estate law service ensures we see you through every part of a commercial deal. You can depend on the Lopez Law Group in Florida for sound advice and excellent representation in any situation. Our real estate attorneys are here to help you. We can be reached at 727-933-0015. We can speak to you at no charge and determine if we would be able to assist. Contact us to schedule a consultation in St. Petersburg today.