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It can be daunting to take on a litigation battle in Florida all on your own. What’s more, it’s not always clear which legal counsel is the one you should turn to. That's why the Lopez Law Group makes it our mission to provide a complete range of top-quality legal services so that we can help you through every step of your legal process.

A Commitment to Our Community

There's no better group of legal mentors than the team at Lopez Law because our firm is a direct part of your community. We approach each and every case as a way to give back to our community, no matter how big or small it may be.

At Lopez Law Group, clients are family, not customers, who we're ready to assist day and night. We create trusting, lasting relationships with both small business owners who need help navigating the Florida legal system, as well as individuals who simply need a caring hand with their first legal case. We have the dependable and empathetic team you deserve to ensure your legal case gets the right outcome.

Expert Service for Peace of Mind in Dunedin, FL

Legal cases are long and complicated ordeals. Let us take the stress out of your litigation with our expert legal care. Our team has the institutional knowledge and expertise in Florida’s complex legal system to tackle the simplest cases to the lengthiest legal battles.

The Lopez Law Group is committed to your peace of mind and satisfaction with our services. We don’t rest until you’re happy with a job well done.

Client Communication Day and Night

Your legal case is important no matter what time of day it is. The team at Lopez Law Group is available around the clock to provide consultation on your case. We pride ourselves on our ability to take control of your case at a moment’s notice, be it day or night.

Let us work around your schedule to give you the clearest, most consistent communication possible regarding your case’s status and our recommended plan forward at any given time.

Our Team Truly Cares About Our Clients And Making Sure They Get The Best Outcome Possible. We Are Committed To Going Above And Beyond To Ensure Your Satisfied. Every Step Of The Way, We Will Keep You Informed On The Legal Process.

We strive for your satisfaction. Our team truly wants to you be overwhelmingly thrilled with our services. You’ll know that with The Lopez Law Group, that your best interests are truly the priority. We’ll go above and beyond to ensure your legal representation is the very best!



Personal Injury Law in Dunedin, FL

Personal injury cases can get tricky because of how varied they are. No two personal injuries are ever the case, and neither are two personal injury cases. The Lopez Law group specializes in multiple areas of personal injury and can help you get the exact legal outcome that you deserve.

We specialize in personal injury cases including:

  • Auto Collisions
  • Libel & Slander
  • Assault or Battery
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Workplace Hazards
  • Dangerous & Defective Products
  • Slips & Falls
  • Worker’s Compensation

Dunedin Area Real Estate

A great deal of excitement goes into buying or selling your real property. Unfortunately, these transactions can quickly induce headaches with their many rules and regulations. The Lopez Law Group can help you with any residential real estate requirement you need to meet, whether it's going through a new home inspection or putting your property on the market for sale.

Our team covers residential real estate services in:

  • Code Compliance & Inspections
  • HOA Regulations
  • Foreclosures
  • Reviewing Purchase Contracts
  • Litigating Contracts
  • Lease Disputes
  • Home Mortgages

Commercial Real Estate

Compared to residential real estate, commercial real property dealings are much more complex and involved. The State of Florida is constantly changing the rules and regulations it applies to the market for real property.

Instead of trying to keep yourself up-to-date with rules, let our team's knowledge base do it for you. We apply expertise in every step of Florida commercial real estate law to help you avoid any problems with your case.

The Lopez Law Group covers:

  • Issues with Tenants & Landlords
  • Title Insurance
  • Disputes with Boundaries & Titles
  • Construction Litigation
  • Water Rights Transference
  • Purchase Contract Review
  • Land & Zone Use
  • HOA & BOA
  • Eviction Litigation

Real Estate Closing

It can be tempting to celebrate your new property before you finish closing on it. Don't let legal issues during your property closing dampen your mood. Our team understands how difficult real estate closing can be, which is why we can help you navigate contract provisions in any real estate closing case to get your desired outcome.

We cover real estate closing areas such as:

  • Encroachments, Restrictions & Easements
  • Coordinating All Parties
  • Zoning Codes Compliance
  • Title Insurance & Search
  • Existing Mortgages
  • Prior Conveyances

Employment Law

Many workplaces can unfortunately be breeding grounds for legal trouble and pursuant litigation. If you're interested in eliminating your risk of being exposed to workplace-related legal issues, let the team at Lopez Law ease your burden.

Florida has numerous rules for workers' rights relating to employment law, and we can ensure that your case benefits from our expertise in navigating them. Whether your case needs to handle paid leave or address workplace discrimination, the Lopez Law Group has the experience to help with:

  • Minimum Wage
  • Contracts for Employment
  • Paid Family & Medical Leave
  • Workplace Discrimination
  • Wrongful Discharges
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Endangerment
  • Abuse of Labor Laws
  • Wrongful Layoffs

Dunedin, FL Criminal Law

It can be intimidating to represent yourself after you have a run-in with the police. Knowing which courts to navigate and how to do it can be difficult without prior experience, and can seem unfair if you've just been charged with a crime by law enforcement. The Lopez Law Group takes care of clients with criminal law cases by covering issues including:

  • Incidents of Self-Defense
  • Traffic Violations
  • Breach of Probation
  • Harassment of Creditors
  • Cybercrimes

Business Law

Starting and running a small business of your own can be incredibly exciting. But regulations that the State of Florida imposes on business owners can be confusing with heavy consequences if breached. The team at Lopez Law helps you navigate the state’s business laws and regulations so that you can focus on growing your business instead.

Let us help make your business the best it can be with services covering:

  • Daily Operational Governance
  • Contract Drafting & Negotiation
  • Forming a Company
  • Intellectual Properties
  • Tax Laws & Regulations
  • Employment & Immigration Law
  • Finances, Collections & Bankruptcy

Landlord-Tenant Disputes

It’s uncomfortable and confusing to become embroiled in a landlord-tenant dispute. The Lopez Law Group has the experience to help you navigate your case and alleviate these stresses, no matter which side of the legal battle you find yourself on. Let us empower your voice and get the outcome of your dispute that you deserve through our services in:

  • Repair and Maintenance Requests
  • Issues with Security Deposit Returns
  • Rent Control & Increase
  • Guest Control
  • Tenant Rights & Co-Signer Liability
  • Evictions


Losing a loved one is a painful and distressing ordeal. The last thing on your mind is how you need to handle probate issues in a courtroom. Our team is prepared to care for you during this difficult time with expert legal counsel in probate-related issues. We make it a promise to you that we’ll handle your case with the utmost attention to detail by guiding you through:

  • The Executor of Will Requirements
  • Disbituring Assets
  • Filing Necessary Petitions
  • Taxes & Creditors
  • Representation in Court
  • Mediation

Land Trusts in Dunedin

Land trust cases demand the utmost attention to detail due to its many complexities. Let the Lopez Law Group help you make sure you’re adhering to all laws and regulations that affect your land trust case as well as your real property. Our team can help you with:

  • Protection from Liens, HOA Claims & Title Claims
  • Drafting Assignable Contracts
  • Land Trust Agreements
  • Reviewing Tax Implications
  • Preparing Deeds
  • Drafting Easement Statements

Here To Be Your Legal Champion

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