Under the Florida Minimum Wage Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act you have a right to earn a minimum wage for your work.

Additionally, if you work any time that exceeds 40 hours in a single work week, you are legally owed overtime wages. That equates to one and a half times your hourly wage. All of your work hours must always be compensated. That is the law.

For example, if your employer requires you to be at work at 8:45 but your shift does not start until 9:00, they must pay you for that time. It doesn’t matter whether you have clocked in or not. This is why we have employment law and why there are attorneys that specialize in protecting the rights of working people just like you.

Overtime Pay

A large number of cases involve overtime wages. It is one of the biggest violations that employees overlook. People often do not speak out for fear of retribution or losing their job. Then when they finally leave a position, it dawns on them they are owed in the thousands for lost time and wages.

There are many cases when people may not even realize they are being cheated out of justly earned wages. This can include scenarios such as:

  • You are wrongly classified as a manager or other position that does not pay overtime.
  • Your employer ignores overtime requirements to save money.
  • Your employer misinterprets the law or is unaware of any overtime requirements.

In all three cases, it is critical you have the right type of representation to ensure you are paid the wages you deserve. Lopez Law Group will pursue every case to the fullest extent of the law, including a trial when necessary.

Sexual Harassment

In addition to wage disputes, employment law also covers instances of sexual misconduct in the workplace. Both state and federal laws protect Florida workers from any unlawful discrimination and harassment at their place of employment. However, there is a specific process you must go through to ensure that your claim is heard.

In a Florida sexual harassment lawsuit, you must prove the conduct was unwelcome and you did not participate willingly. If all talks fail to stop the unwanted actions, a grievance must be filed with your work. It must be proven that the company knew of the situation and failed to do anything. This can be very challenging, which is why it is critical you have the right representation by your side.

The Lopez Law Group will see to it you get the lost wages you deserve. We also work hard to always protect the rights of victims of sexual harassment. For a free consultation, contact us today.