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For those who have suffered from discrimination in the Florida workplace, it can feel like there is no hope of getting equal treatment. Fair and equal treatment is the right of all employees, and you should not give up and accept treatment that is not acceptable. Working with an experienced EEOC attorney can make all the difference in your search for justice related to workplace discrimination.

We can offer clients the skilled and passionate EEOC mediation services that are necessary to help you fight for workplace justice. We believe that no one should have to leave their job or accept discrimination in order to remain employed. The EEOC mediation process is complex, but we can help you to navigate it to seek the remedy that is right and fair in your workplace discrimination case.

If you are ready to learn some more about EEOC Mediation in the state of Florida, you need to keep reading.

What is EEOC Mediation?

The EEOC is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This commission was established as part of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, and its intent was to enforce civil laws in the workplace. EEOC mediation is a legal process that seeks to handle workplace discrimination so that it does not impact employees who are being treated unfairly. The civil rights of employees must be protected and observed at work just like they must be treated with respect in other aspects of life. The rights that all people are given in the United States cannot be violated by an employer who is looking to save money or bend the rules to release someone from employment.

The EEOC mediation process can resolve law violations that involve employer conduct, and it can also address the behavior of other employees within the workspace. The process typically is handled through mediation to spare victims from going through a lengthy court process. Employers will also have their own legal counsel that works for their interests in the case, and your lawyer will seek a proper settlement and alteration in the workplace environment as part of the mediation work you have hired them to do.

The EEOC mediation process does more than just award a settlement to those who have been injured by improper treatment at work. The EEOC mediation process also seeks to address long-term fixes for these discriminatory issues. Lawsuits might convince an employer to worry about these issues and make changes, but there is no pressure to do so built into the legal process. The EEOC mediation process seeks to require actual change as part of the settlement process. 

This is one of the key reasons that you should select EEOC mediation over other means of seeking redress for your case. There are additional benefits to your privacy and your future ability to work at your employer that are built into the EEOC mediation process. Lawsuits can still offer you the chance to make your employer answer for what they have done to you, but you will be much more exposed to the public during this process and much less likely to affect real, long-term change in their behavior.

What Are Some Common Reasons to Seek EEOC Mediation?

EEOC mediation can be used to address issues at work related to color, race, age, religion, sex, and orientation. It can also be used to address issues related to pregnancy and the use of genetic information. These are the most common reasons to seek EEOC mediation, but there can be many complicating factors involved in a case. Often, these cases can cross the line into various issues that the EEOC is concerned with.

An employer might discriminate against you based on many of these factors, and their behavior might take away your rights in many areas that are protected. If you have been told that your race, as well as your orientation, are an issue for an employer, or if you have been told you cannot have maternity leave due to issues related to your gender, your case will cross into various kinds of discrimination. The EEOC mediation process allows all of these wrongs to be addressed as unique problems in ways that a lawsuit cannot.

EEOC mediation seeks to handle these issues properly and to ensure that they do not happen again. Employers should be well-versed in the rights that they owe their employees, as this information has been available to all employers in the US for years now. When you are the victim of these kinds of prejudices, you should not let these issues lie. You do not have to accept this kind of treatment in order to keep your job, and the EEOC mediation process was created to handle this kind of work discrimination promptly and confidentially.

How Long Does EEOC Mediation Take?

The reality is that the EEOC mediation process can be time-intensive. There are also many complicated steps that must be followed. Lawyers that are not experienced in this area might miss essential steps or be unaware of essential tactics that help present your side of the case properly for the best outcome. When steps are missed or important information is left out, the case can be delayed, or it might not have the outcome that you were hoping for. This is why you will want to have the best support for your case from a skilled legal team.

Mediation can be quick if the case is presented properly, which is why you want to work with a skilled EEOC Mediation lawyer for your case. Working with a less experienced legal professional can lead to problems that could have been avoided and might also impact the success of the mediation process. While it is possible to file a lawsuit for the treatment that you have suffered at your job, it is always better to try and resolve the problem through the proper EEOC mediation channels.

Benefits of EEOC Mediation Over Lawsuits

There are a few key reasons that the EEOC Mediation process is a much better option than a lawsuit. This is always the place to start your journey to seek redress for a violation of rights, and you should exhaust this option before you move on to other means of seeking a resolution. This process is almost always the most favorable for your needs if you have been a victim of workplace discrimination, and you will want to explore this option fully since it can make the biggest difference in your situation at your job.

  •         Confidential

The confidential nature of the EEOC mediation process helps protect your ability to continue to work at the place that has discriminated against you once a resolution has been reached. Other staff members at the EEOC might not even know anything about your case, and you will not have to make public the charges that you leveled against your employer.

When your privacy is protected, you will be much more likely to be able to go back to work without further issues. When you select a lawsuit to address this kind of situation, the public nature of the dispute can make it impossible to go back to work at the same location where the discrimination has occurred. This might not matter to you, but if this is an important factor in your decision about which legal process to use, the EEOC mediation process will protect your privacy in ways that a lawsuit will not.

  •         Cost

As far as legal battles go, the EEOC mediation process is often much more affordable than a regular lawsuit. The EEOC provides a mediator free of charge if you need this kind of help. The other benefit when it comes to cost is that your case will never end up in a court of law while working through the EEOC mediation process. This is a bit like the settlement process in a personal injury case and working outside of the courtroom always saves money and time.

The cost of legal representation for an actual trial can be double or triple the cost to secure a lawyer for work that is done in mediation. This is also a benefit to the employer who has wronged you, and they will be much more likely to be reasonable to work with if they are not being forced to spend a lot of money on legal representation. The cost can impact the tone of this legal process greatly, making it much more likely that you will get a favorable outcome while also saving money.

  •         Beneficial for Future Employees

While a lawsuit might impact the way that other employees are treated by your employer in the future, it is much less likely to create the change that you probably want to see. When the EEOC mediation process is used to resolve an issue related to employee rights and discrimination, there is added pressure on the employer to improve their internal processes and make real changes.

Making real change can be essential to those who have been discriminated against at work, and that is one of the key benefits of the EEOC mediation process. You will be exponentially more likely to affect real change when you utilize the EEOC mediation process than if you seek redress through a lawsuit. This can be an important factor in your decision, and it is one that many people find more attractive than simply resolving a legal wrangle for their unique case.

When you use the EEOC mediation process to resolve your discrimination case, you will be much more likely to affect change that improves the experience of other people who work at this employer in the future. Being able to make a real change can be a very helpful additional benefit to choosing this course of action. Civil rights issues should never be ignored or taken lightly by anyone and you do not have to give up on your desire to see civil rights respected uniformly at your place of employment.

How Can an Attorney Help?

As stated before, this is a complex legal process and not one that should be undertaken on your own. An experienced EEOC lawyer can make it much more likely that you will have a successful outcome for your case, and you will be spared a lot of struggle and strife over the mediation process by having an expert on your side. If you have been looking to make a change to the way that your employer treats all of their employees, you will need a skilled EEOC lawyer working on your behalf to make this possible.

Working with a skilled lawyer for any case is essential. You will always have a much better experience during your case if you have the help of someone with a lot of knowledge about the kind of case that is being adjudicated. When you choose to work with us on your Florida EEOC Mediation claim, we make sure that you get customized and effective support that will make a good outcome very likely. Presenting EEOC mediation cases correctly is critical to their success and we know how to prepare and present these cases for the best results for our clients.

Work With Us at the Lopez Law Group

At The Lopez Law Group, we believe that employees should be treated fairly at work, and we will not stand by and let an employer abuse someone who works for them. Our skilled team has years of experience in EEOC mediation cases, and we can help you to get the right outcome for your employment discrimination case. No matter what kind of discrimination you have been treated to at your place of employment, we can help you to address the issue effectively.

 Reach out to us today for a consultation and get access to the skilled EEOC mediation support that you need.


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