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    Common Slip and Fall Defenses by Insurance Companies

    If you've slipped and fell at an establishment and you are pursuing a case, it is likely that the company or business has an insurance policy in place to cover such mishaps. This insurance company is responsible for defending the company and potentially giving you an offer to settle your claim. Know…Read More

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    Being Evicted in Florida: What You Need To Know!

    If you rent an apartment in Florida, you know that you have certain obligations and duties to your landlord. One of the most obvious, is to pay rent on time. There are others, such as agreeing not to allow illegal activities to take place on the property and not staying beyond your lease period. In …Read More

  3. What is GAP coverage, and should you get it?

    So, let’s say you are going car shopping and found the car you want. It’s a $50,000.00 new shiny red Chevy Camaro. You take it out for a test drive, talk to the car salesman and decide to do it. You fill out all of the paperwork and they give you the keys. You are so excited to finally get your …Read More