1. An image of a hospital bed.

    Common Slip and Fall Defenses by Insurance Companies

    If you've slipped and fell at an establishment and you are pursuing a case, it is likely that the company or business has an insurance policy in place to cover such mishaps. This insurance company is responsible for defending the company and potentially giving you an offer to settle your claim. Know…Read More

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    What debts can be levied against your property in Florida?

    In Florida, the debt collection laws allow certain creditors to collect money from individuals if the creditor is awarded a judgment in court. If the court finds that you owe someone money, you will have a judgment entered against you and the creditor will be able to pursue you for that judgment, ty…Read More

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    Accident Settlements: Florida Information You Should Know

    Where does the money go following an auto accident settlement?   If you or someone you know has ever been involved in an auto accident, you are probably familiar with what happens after you settle with the insurance company. If you have hired an attorney and they are able to secure a settlement…Read More